Precise, fast, productive, and resourceful consulting services.

Human Resources Consulting

We provide consultations regarding your enterprise’s personnel management to conform to local laws and regulations. We also help planning for adaptation of system standard for personnel management and offer consultation for foreign staff management.

  • 1. Employee career development consultation
  • 2. Employment benefits consultation
  • 3. Foreign employee education and communication consultation

Human Resource Development

We provide information related to human resource management and suggestions to fulfill hiring requirements to meet industrial and legal standards.

  • Human resource building and development consultation
  • Human resource management consultation
  • Foreign employee legal regulation consultation

Company Incorporation Services

We provide services in corporate evaluations, risk assessment, suggestions for improvements, market research, and future development consultations based on market forecast.

  • Organization structure consultation
  • Risk assessment consultation
  • Market research and analysis

Philippine Related Services

Provide general assistance and services in the Philippines.

  • Customs clearance service and guaranteed customs negotiation in Philippine.
  • Tourism Visa and Work Visa Agent in Philippine.
  • Business Development Advisory Service in Philippine.

Philippine Regional Development

Providing relevant development consultation in the Philippines

  • Promote the establishment of the Philippine Special Economic Zone
  • Promote land development in the Philippines
  • Philippine legal consultation services (land, labor, tax)
  • Philippine commercial exhibition and conference hosting services
  • Philippine legal dispute negotiation